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Class stuff! (Alternate Title: “How Do I Draw Animals, I Don’t Understand”)





…Just dormant. Waiting. Watching. 

Okay, alright, mostly just waiting. As some of you know, Fangamer is planning a large project through Kickstarter, which the PK Zine will be part of. So, while all the submissions are in, the actual printing keeps getting pushed back to coincide with the large scale project (details coming to Fangamer’s social media soon!). 

For the written submissions:

Our newly employed resident writer, Dan, has reviewed these and has given his thumbs up to the following entries:

We’re going to be contacting some of the other authors as well to work with them on their stories, so that we can include more of your work!

If anyone has any questions about this, please send them to, since tumblr’s messaging system is quite unreliable. I probably can’t answer any questions about the timeline for printing, since it depends on a lot of outside factors, but I’ll do my best. 



Four New Pearl doodles, and a Holo Pearl.



what's the adventure time au u drew for?

Ah, that was for the Ice King Finn AU that Kuruk and I came up with, more than a year ago now!  It’s basically a continuation of the alternate timeline from “Finn the Human” and “Jake the Dog,” only with less “being re-rewritten out of existence” and more “Finn becomes the Ice King and interacts with canon characters from there.”  Alternate universes created by diverging timelines and all that.

We have an ask blog for the AU, as well.



bring your family, bring your family

It’s been more than a year and every time I think I’m over this AU, I realize that no, no I am not.



Environment using perspective, for another assignment.  I purposefully went for a pencil-and-watercolor look.



Expression sheet I drew for class back in February~  A furiously blushing dryad in heavy winter clothing.



Tree Lady doodle.  I like Tree People.



There’s nothing much here yet, but here’s my new sideblog for random personal things!  Don’t worry, all the art (and fic and maybe analysis?  I dunno) will still be here.  I’ll clean out old posts and clutter and etc. eventually, as well.



Gonna be messing around with themes and icons tonight, don’t be surprised about any changes!