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▸ Mostly fandom stuff, but I do original things too. Still, expect lots of Mother3, Adventure Time, and etc.

▸ Currently co-runs the Ice King Finn ask blog (Adventure Time AU)
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Psst hey internet—

I am no longer in school.  Time to open up for commissions!

Cost per additional character is 50% default commission price, rounded up - a single drawing with two flat colored busts would be $23, for example.

Regarding backgrounds - simple backgrounds come at no extra cost (solid colors, gradients, transparency, etc.), other backgrounds will be priced based on complexity, so be sure to ask!

Want something not mentioned here?  I’m not offering anything else up-front, but if you ask I can probably give you a quote.

Any specific requests for your submission?  Do you especially want thick lineart?  Tinted lineart?  Soft shading?  Adventure Time visual style?  Make sure to let me know so I can honor your request!

Click here for additional commission info/highly important payment information!

Thank you very much in advance for your interest!~



Oh hey look I updated



Heads up - gonna be inactive for a bit again (gonna be busy, and then gonna be at Anime Expo!  Just day three, though).



(this is really late but screw it) happy belated birthday nona! ❤️❤️ your art is gorgeous<3

Wow, thank you! :,D



well happy belated bday to you then, nona! hope you're feeling alright.

Thanks! Sorry for the ultra-late reply :,)

And yeah, I’m fine! At the tail end of recovering. Everything went pretty smoothly, all things considered : )


Woah wow okay, consider me back!  Ended up using the wisdom teeth thing as a bit of an opportunity for an internet hiatus. (also my birthday came and went and that kept me pretty busy.)



Heads up, everybody - I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow, so I’m not gonna be particularly active, if at all, for the next few days or so.



I’ve been thinking a lot about original stuff lately.



watercolor practice



Duster with number 11?